Every job I work on, every personal project I tinker with, results in me learning something new and pushing myself further as a creative individual.

I’m a creative based in Margate, the South-East of the UK, with a background in Graphic Design and Design, ultimately graduating BA Prop Making & Special Effects through Brighton MET.
As a result, my skills are spread across a range of abilities;

Woodwork  –  Molding & Casting  –  Model Making  –  Fiberglass – CNC work – 3D Printing

And the paramount – Adapting and thinking on the spot.

Ultimately, I’ve learned that I put myself in an industry where I’ll never stop learning, and it’s something I pride myself on.

In Industry, You’ll find my work with companies such as Beavertown, Unilever, ITV, and Lego. Everything from set design & installs, model making to Molding & Casting products & promotional merchandise.
Here you’ll also find new & old personal projects, like my line of upcycled junkbots and other works that keep my skillset in check and my studio a mess.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date with current projects, my Instagram is where I try to post all my recent work in a much more casual manner, sometimes.
Feel free to drop me a line @Edweeeb at any time.