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  • Industry: Haeckels Perfume Inserts

    Industry: Haeckels Perfume Inserts

    At the beginning of 2022, I introduced a prototype perfume insert to Haeckels as a proposal to change the packaging of their long-standing perfumes – using FDM manufacturing to produce minimalist, skeletonized inserts that can be produced in-house and in batches, eliminating waits for shipping and the environmental impact that entails. The insert has a…

  • Industry: LEGO x Arghost (Argos)

    Industry: LEGO x Arghost (Argos)

    Assistant Set Design work for a Halloween themed collaboration between Lego & Argos. Or in this case: Arghost! Based on a haunted Lego set; Mainly assembling & installing the chemistry set table for the event, made up of bubbling test tubes, use of EL wire running through tubing between mysterious vials of colourful glowing liquids…

  • Showcase: Ronin Junkbot

    Showcase: Ronin Junkbot

    The second Junkbot I’ve made, this time without an intense time crush. Incorporating some 3D printed parts alongside upcycled junk such as hairspray cans, party poppers, pringles cans, and various other bottle caps and plastic scrap. (Disclaimer: there will be more bots.)

  • Showcase: Rustbucket Junkbot

    Showcase: Rustbucket Junkbot

    The first of the (hopefully many) Recycled Robot models I make in my spare time to keep my skillset in check. Starting as a personal project it’s now become a mascot of sorts for me, and became the key component of 3 of my course units. Rustbucket is fabricated mainly from scrap Foamex board parts,…

  • Industry: Unilever/Soft Republick™ Graffiti Cones

    Industry: Unilever/Soft Republick™ Graffiti Cones

    Working with Unilever through a PR company, A Commission Job for the opening of Soft Republick in Brighton, 30 custom made resin casts capable of fitting on a keychain or in a wallet in colours that reflect their ‘Graffiti cones’. While the design changed even after the green light, the end results were based on…

  • Industry: A+C Studios Astronaut Day

    Industry: A+C Studios Astronaut Day

    Stop Motion Animation for Astronomers Day/Astronaut day with A+C Studios as an in-house project. Worked on multiple planets and the Sun itself.

  • Industry: London Zoo Whale Intestines

    Industry: London Zoo Whale Intestines

    Did you know a Blue Whales intestines can be 220m long? Fortunately for this project, we only had to make 30 feet of their slick, shiny, oddly-weighted intestines. Took great pride in leading this project for ZSL & Their Gruesome Nature Live! Traveling show aimed at children and fueling their fascination for gross and freaky animal facts.

  • Industry: Beavertown Resin Cast Skulls

    Industry: Beavertown Resin Cast Skulls

    Cast Beavertown style resin skulls, carved by Nick Dwyer, the creative director of Beavertown, and commissioned to me to cast 30 skulls, 10 of each, to be used as beer taps and other customized items.

  • Industry: Beavertown Gamma Ray 1:1 Raygun

    Industry: Beavertown Gamma Ray 1:1 Raygun

    A personal project that turned into so much more! Beavertown Brewery’s “Gamma Ray” Beer can artwork made into reality – with support and references supplied by Nick Dwyer, Beavertowns creative art director. What started as a request for better reference photos than what was on the cans of their APA goodness, with an offer of…

  • Showcase: Dark Crystal Bucket Crab

    Showcase: Dark Crystal Bucket Crab

    The Bucket Crab – a puppet created in the style of The Dark Crystal by Jim Henson featuring mechanical legs individually operated by pedals inside the puppet allowing for shady crawling and speedy scrambling. A course project diving into pattern making, textures and paint techniques.