Industry: London Zoo Whale Intestines

Did you know a Blue Whales intestines can be 220m long? Fortunately for this project, we only had to make 30 feet of their slick, shiny, oddly-weighted intestines. Took great pride in leading this project for ZSL & Their Gruesome Nature Live! Traveling show aimed at children and fueling their fascination for gross and freaky animal facts.

Using lycra, latex, and Isoflex for the smooth, shiny finish that when paired with a blast of silicone spray gives the slick, slippery finish for the kids called on stage to pull them out of the bag we created to coil the guts in for storage. The calico took on a great fleshy pattern especially with any folds that occurred after being painted by the incredibly talented team of students I was working alongside. More pictures below.


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