Showcase: Rustbucket Junkbot

The first of the (hopefully many) Recycled Robot models I make in my spare time to keep my skillset in check. Starting as a personal project it’s now become a mascot of sorts for me, and became the key component of 3 of my course units.

Rustbucket is fabricated mainly from scrap Foamex board parts, found components and junk shop items, like an old diecast cement mixer for his torso (which still spins).  Other parts include Tiger Tank model parts and even Tomato Puree tube caps.

His original joints are Japan imported Mekagure joints, perfect for people looking to make scratch built, posable models, but have since been drilled out and replaced with more industry-grade, adjustable tension 3D printed ball joints with 10mm threaded steel balls for less friction when adjusting.

Certain parts, like hands and feet, were modeled and 3D printed as I didn’t want to risk key components for balance on found items.






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